::: Fortune Generator

Are you as happy as you think? With Fortune Generator you will be even happier than ever.
Be happy and make your friends and family happier too.
Buy Fortune Generator now and have a fresh, happy and inspiring start of each day.
::: Fly Hunter

Are you as fast as you think? Smash those nasty flies and enjoy the fabulous prizes if you are fast enough. A game with unlimited gameplay to keep you entertained for as long as you need.
::: Idiot Generator

Do you want something really funny? Idiot Generator generates random funny idiotic phrases from hundreds of words in the database.
Buy Idiot Generator now and we guarantee you will laugh loudly.
::: 6th Sense

Did you ever felt like knowing something ahead of time?
If your answer is 'yes', then your 6th sense level is more than average.
Measure your 6th sense now with this application.
::: Hugs for Pretty

Pretty is a girl. Girls need attention.
Pretty needs your attention! Help her to become happier by giving her what she thinks of.
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