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ApplicationFortune Generator
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Fortune Generator
Are you as happy as you think? With Fortune Generator you will be even happier than ever.
Be happy and make your friends and family happier too.
Buy Fortune Generator now and have a fresh, happy and inspiring start of each day.

Why Fortune Generator?
This application will bring you only pure fun and true happiness!

All you have to do is spin the wheel with your finger, wait for it to stop and read your fortune. All fortunes will bring you joy and will make you smile.
If you like your fortune you can share it with your friends on Facebook.
All your fortunes are saved, so you can read them again and laugh with your friends.

- hundreds of fortunes in the database!
- share your fortunes on Facebook
- nice sounds and fun voices
- saved history with already read fortunes, which are viewable anytime
- adjust the volume of effects, sound and music separately
- automatic save upon quit - you will never lose or forget a fortune
- simple, easy to use application

Fortune Generator is all you need to keep your happy smile on your face and your friends' and family' faces too!

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