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ApplicationFly Hunter
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Fly Hunter Are you as fast as you think? How about your friends and family? Buy Fly Hunter now and find out!

Why Fly Hunter?
Fly Hunter is a game of speed and fun!
Totally fun game with amazing sounds!
AAA quality in its category!

All you have to do is tap the nasty flies around the room and smash them like they deserve. The catch is they keep growing in number and become faster as you progress. Are you fast enough to smash them all?
This unlimited in time game is designed to test your speed and fly smashing skills while bringing you outstanding fun with its truly addictive sounds and rewards.


* up to 500 flies on screen at once to smash!
* unlimited time and fine-tuned difficulty
* multi-smash ability with one tap!
* sound and visual rewards for the fastest fly-smashers!
* game statistics at the end to compare with friends such as:
- Time;
- Accuracy;
- Smashes;
- Double and Triple Kills;
- Rank reached;
- Score.
* adjust the volume of effects, sound and music separately
* automatic save upon quit. You can resume anytime, anywhere
* simple, addictive gameplay.

Try your skills now and see how fast can you smash the annoying flies! 

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