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Application6th Sense
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Did you ever felt like knowing something ahead of time?
If your answer is 'yes', then your 6th sense level is more than average.

6th Sense application will measure you’re your 6th sense level and you can share that with your friends and family.

Do you want to know your capabilities? Buy 6th sense now and find out!

How it works:

All you need to do is to try to accelerate the virtual ball as much as you can by tilting or shaking the device.
The application does the measuring and when enough data is collected you can view your result.
You can post your results on Facebook to compare with friends and family.

 - measures your 6th sense based on your hand movement.
 - history graph
 - share your results on Facebook
 - simple, easy to use application
Buy 6th Sense now to test your hidden powers!


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